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Attending SHRM 2011 and Wishing I Could Be Cloned

I’m at the 63rd annual conference for the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) in Las Vegas, where I’m learning not only the ins and outs of HR, but the need for cloning. There’s so much I want to hear…


SHRM 2011: Use Surveillance Only as a Last Resort When You Suspect Fraud

Some requests for Family and Medical Leave Act leave just sound suspicious. For example, consider the case of an employee who requested leave during the exact same time of year he had taken off four years earlier. His supervisor ordered surveillance, and terminated…


SHRM 2011: Three Rules for Email

Email has made it easier than ever for plaintiffs’ attorneys to discover wrongdoing and prove liability, an expert said today at the Society for Human Resource Management’s annual conference in Las Vegas. “The ‘e’ in email is for ‘eternal evidence,’” said Mindy H. Chapman, Esq.,…


SHRM 2011: Overlap of ADA, FMLA a Top Concern

If attendance at a conference session is any indication, HR professionals remain concerned about how to navigate the intersection of the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act. Now that the Americans With Disabilities Amendments Act…