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6 Health Reform Issues Loom over Plan Sponsors in 2012

After so much ink spilled and heartache over health reform, plan sponsors might think the dust has settled and say: “The coast is clear. We can come out of hiding.” But if you thought that all this effort has totally…


The Top 6 Dangers Facing Self-insured Health Plans (and What to Do About Them)

Self-insuring health benefits is a riskier undertaking than just writing a check to a United or Aetna. But despite the risk, employers do it because it gives them more control over plan design and the growth of health costs. For…


Not Again: SIIA Refutes ‘Misinformation’ About Self-funding

It’s like the Hollywood movie Groundhog Day all over again. The Self Insurance Institute of America (SIIA) wakes up and has to face the same “anti-self-funding” arguments about adverse selection, insolvency and inferior benefits that it refuted last year … the…